YWAM for September

65 pastors gathered to hear and discuss the role of the church in believing God to transform a community. The teaching focused on  the role of the church in capturing seven areas of society that influence the way a community thinks, Religion, Family, Government, Economics, Education, Media, Celebration. Every sector in these seven have a responsibility. To redeem these points of influence does not mean that Pastors have to stop pasturing and become something they have not been gifted in, such as economics. The challenge was to refocus or mobilize pastors to do what they have been called to do in nurturing their congregations and seeing their people rise up and be mobilized to be a vehicle or instrument to be used to bring transformation to St. Marc.

The pastors left with a sense of understanding that they never had before. They were so mobilized, many have already began to take action in mobilizing their people to go as God has gifted them. This Friday they have asked for a follow up meeting to discuss how they have been able to begin implementing the teaching. They are also renewing their unity for the transformation of St. Marc.

Report on River Bank Repair

We were not able to do any more work last week on the road and river bank repair in Lubin Block 4. However, the good news is that the river did not raise and the road is dry enough to make great progress beginning today. Please pray for continued dry weather and for finances to mobilize as much equipment as fast as possible.

Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow

YWAM Haiti

posted earlier:

Today seven couples are to be married. These were victims of the earthquake and had never consider marriage as a commitment but only a celebration. After receiving a new home and managed to have a stable environment they began to ask about marriage. After speaking with Pastors from the Christian Network of St. Marc they learned the meaning of marriage and they have asked to be married.

Two more people accept Christ in Lubin Block 4. One of the individuals was a witchdoctor! Over 1/3 of the village has converted to Christ. Please continue to pray for Pastor Bossuet and his wife Merline who is currently pregnant with their first child.

Two Hurricanes that were headed for Haiti have diverted their coarse avoiding Haiti which is still in a very fragile state. We recognize that God has been hearing and answering our prayers!

Our DTS students are ready for outreach! With 22 in St. Marc headed for Panama and 45 in Port-au-Prince headed for Benin, Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Brazil we are truly seeing Haiti rising up to become a blessing to the nations as they send forth their youth with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Monday, August 28-30, we will be hosting a Pastors Seminar. 65 Pastors and Lay leaders are registered to participate. Our theme is “The Role of the Church in Community Transformation”. The teaching is designed to provoke us to reflect, pray and strategizing concerning the situations of our city. Please pray for us all as we come together.

The river bank along Petite Rivière near Lubin Block 4 has broken. It has flooded the lower 5th section of St. Marc isolating four villages. In demonstration of the greatness of our God, we, Youth With A Mission, have been leading an attempt to motivate everyone to assist in this repair. The estimated cost to repair the road and breach is $25,000 USD. We have been able to motivate ODVA (Government Works) to utilize their equipment but they still need fuel for their trucks and equipment. Would you like to help? Let us know today if you are sending in a donation and how much so we can move even faster before any heavy rains come and make things worse.

God is moving and we are seeing His greatness!

Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow

YWAM Haiti

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