67 prisoners baptized!

It was July 2000 when I was unexpectedly thrown in prison in St. Marc. The prison was in terrible condition. My cell already had 14 inmates before Lubens and I arrived and it measured only 14×16! After God did a miracle and we were released, we returned to the prison to bring transformation. Over the years we have done many improvements and assisted with various needs to the point that some even call the prison “Terry’s Second Home”!

In addition to all these practical improvements we always sought opportunity to share Christ with the prisoners. Over the years we have seen many saved. One prisoner, Jacob, was released and went through our training program (Discipleship Training School) and is currently on staff praying about going to Surname, South America, for a missions outreach!

December 9, 2011, 67 of the 302 prisoners were baptized in the St. Marc prison! You may ask how do you baptize prisoners in prison? We brought in a bath tub and filled it with water from the well we had drilled in 2001. For images stay tuned to our website www.ywamhaiti.org where we will be placing footage before Christmas.

Patrick Ovilmar, YWAM St. Marc staff, has been the point man for leading regular Sunday services and assisting in aid concerning the practical needs of the prisoner or prison. His faithfulness and those before him coupled with a team from Heritage Park Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, proved the effective work of preaching and discipling as Christ commanded in Matthew 28:19. God is faithful and truly gives hope to the hopeless!

Join us in thanking God for this great news! Patrick is now campaigning to see a Bible placed in the hands of every prisoner. A Bible cost $8 USD in St. Marc. If you would like to participate in this campaign simply reply to this email by telling us how many Bibles you would like to give and send your gift to the address below.

Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow

YWAM Haiti

If you would like to make a contribution to this program simple making your gift payable to YWAM Haiti and include a note indicating your gift is for “Bible to every Prisoner” and mail to;

YWAM Haiti

PO Box 236

Akron, PA 17501

Thank you for your partnership in building the Kingdom of God in Haiti!

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