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These are our long-term staff in Youth With A Mission, Saint Marc. They are investing years into Haiti’s mission field, fulfilling the call in Zechariah 8:13 to turn Haiti from a curse to a blessing.

You can learn more and stay up-to-date with our staff through their personal websites or facebook.


Terry & Ingvild Snow

Terry & Ingvild Snow

As founder & national director for YWAM Haiti, Terry Snow has been leading the mission for 20 years. He is currently leading the outreach department. Filled with vision, he makes things practical and instills hope. His wife, Ingvild, helps in administration. They have six kids: Wayne, Wilna, Kristian, Elizabeth, Samuel, & Ethan.


Wayne & Keturah Snow

Wayne is the director for the Saint Marc campus, and also leads the Discipleship Training School. DTS is focused on raising up the next generation of leaders and disciples for Haiti. Keturah works with accounting, and a mother of their three kids: Kari, Amara and Micah.

Freeman & Shelly Nettles

They worked alongside Terry & Ingvild in the beginning years of founding YWAM Haiti. Today, they serve as our spiritual leaders. Freeman takes a leadership role and runs the FCC, while Shelly works in missions development. They have 3 children; Rebekah, Caleb & April.


Jay & Kate Fisher

Jay & Kate Fisher have answered God’s call to come to Haiti and plant a new YWAM base. Jay is currently serving under Terry Snow in outreach to learn the necessary skills while Kate takes care of everything our visiting teams need as our outreach coordinator as well as their little boy, Issac!


Kirsten Ewton

Kirsten did her DTS with us in 2014 and is now back to pursue the calling God has for her here. She is DTS staff and is also the head of housekeeping. Her encouraging and joyful personality brightens up all of our days!


Sarah Gilman

Sarah works in our office and with communications, bringing a sing-song atmosphere to those who come in the door.  She is also involved with DTS, prison ministry, and kids church. Dance is an equally big factor as she is a co-leader of the dance team on our campus. Most of all, she loooves Jesus and brings the presence of the Holy Spirit into other’s lives.

Tiffany Wells

Tiffany Wells

Known for having serious humor and the quote ‘Chicken boing-boing’, Tiffany carries the gift of discipleship and she brings it to the students of the FCC and DTS. She is also head of the Accounting department and a member of the dance team.


Elizabeth Snow

Lizzy works with DTS, manages Plas Poze (a snack and souvenir shop on base), sings on the worship team and imparts her love for choreographing dances into our lives.  She has choreographed the hip hop dances which DTS’s do on outreaches and is a co-leader of the dance team on our campus.  She has a gift, she uses it well and plans to let God use it big in the future to disciple this nation.


Wilna Snow

Full of jokes and fun, yet a hard worker, Wilna keeps herself busy in housekeeping. She became part of the Snow family at the age of 16, and is very much like the rest of the family! She is a part of the dance team, and hopes to further her Christian education.

Kristian Snow

Kristian Snow

Kristian is a man of many talents & interests.  He runs our media communications, creating news clips that communicate the craziness that goes on here.  He loves to make people laugh, bless people, cook from scratch, and have fun with his family. He will surprise you and motivate you. He also maintains this very website, making sure you have updated information & news. As time allows, he produces a popular Christian TV show in St. Marc and uses it as a discipleship tool for those who want to learn about film making.

website | facebook | video 

Claudy Pierre Charles

Claudy, tall as he may be, is a subtle guy of class.  He is the head of transportation, and if you come to visit he is very likely to be the one to pick you up!  He works with kid’s church and desires to see them brought up in the way they should go.  He wants to start a house of prayer and see people discipled in business.  Claudy also is on our worship team playing the drums and keyboard.


Marjorie Pamphile

Marjorie works as the kitchen manager and blesses us with the graces of her laughter to brighten our days. She is a part of the worship team and she loves to bless people by curing their fingers and toes and by celebrating their joys.  She plans to one day minister to young women in Port au Prince.



Kenny Willer

Kenny loves many things; life, nature, and mostly God. His beliefs are summed up in a quote “all the world’s serious problems can be solved over a warm cup of tea or coffee”. He has a heart to see Christians influencing all aspects of society through the gifts that God has given them, to see Jesus-like encounters in his every day walk, and too see the men of his generation worship God in truth and spirit. He works in our maintenance department, helps run Plas Poze and is a part of the worship team.

Kristen Poisson

Kristen Louis

A Canadian with a deep love for Haiti, Kristen works as a staff of the FCC & DTS. She also works in housekeeping and keeps up our website and social media. With an outgoing servant’s heart, she believes everything should be brought to God in prayer, and loves to brighten days!



Marc George Louis

Marc Georges heads up our maintenance department and specifically has a love for grounds maintenance.  Praise the Lord for freshly cut grass!  He also is involved with dance, prison ministry, and the worship team. He’s a great friend with a servant’s heart and is always up for swimming pool games.


Wadner Felix

Wadner is a part of our Maintenance Department, soccer ministry and prison ministry. He has the nickname ‘Pastor Wadner’ on our campus because of his passion for God and for the way he speaks with boldness. He is a kind and gentle person who is always there to lend a helping hand. We love Wadner!


Jeff Jean Baptiste

Jeff brightens up our entire campus with his laugh, smile and the joy that he carries everywhere he goes! He works hard in our maintenance department as well as soccer ministry and prison ministry. He is a powerful prayer warrior and we are so thankful God brought him here.

Evans Charles

In loving memory of

Evens Charles

   Oct 1st, 1990 – Nov 14, 2014

Our beloved friend and brother went to be with Jesus. He was an incredible man of God who worshiped and loved the Lord with all of his heart. He was a world changer and we will forever be changed by his love and care towards all. We miss and love you Evens.


There are also 3 YWAMers currently running satelite ministries: Bossuet Lexius serves as a Pastor in Lubin, and Roberteau & Carolyn Desilhomme run Mountain of Hope in Fond Baptiste

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