Demon Possessd Freed

Thank you all for your continued prayers!

Rabbi Schneider felt lead of God to speak on the fire of the Holy Spirit last night! At the end of his message, he asked everyone to stand, calling on the Holy Spirit to come he blew into the microphone and his horn, the Shofar. As he did the Haitian people, all stand, made shouts of praise with hands lifted high, waving in the air. God began to touch their hearts. As this happened there were those who had demonic manifestations and were quickly taken to the front where they were prayed for and set free.


Each night God is doing something new while going deeper and deeper. Will you join us in believing that God will take His spirit that is being imparted nightly to these people and begin to release it through them into the streets of St. Marc? Join us in believing that people watching TV or listening on Radio will be touched and become activated to share what God is imparting to them.


Rabbi is holding back nothing with the 160 Pastors in attendance. He is speaking the clear truth and then challenging the Pastors to pray through times of repentances about the issues God has laid on his heart. Pastor Louis Wilson, President of Reseau des Chretien pour un Nouveau Depart (Christian Network for New Beginnings) said yesterday with a deep breath and great intensity; “God is doing a deep, deep work in the pastors.”

Taking the High Places!


Terry W. Snow

National Director
YWAM Haiti

  see more pictures on YWAM’s facebook here.

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