Eyes are HEALED!

God has been touching many people in the Evangelistic Gathering we have been hosting. Our slogan or theme is “There can be no change without

Last night Rabbi K.A. Schneider was used by God to share His love and the message came with miracles.


A number of people identified with one lady who shared how deeply God had touched her heart.  Yet there was also physical manifestations.
Another lady shared how she had gone to the Hospital several days earlier, she was given a large prescription which she had no money to have
filled. She came to the meeting last night and she felt God touch her and the pain left. Yet another was losing her sight. After prayer her
vision cleared and was healed!

There has been a sense of the presence of God. There has also been people sharing how they saw a vision of the heavens open and angels
around and ascending and descending.


The number of people coming has been increasing nightly. The meetings are also being televised on two stations, aired in 2/3rd of the
nation. Estimated 500,000 people are able to tune in nightly! Yet, this does not include the number listening in on radio which is usually
even more than TV!


During the service last night  Mayor Jean Rony Eugene of Saint Marc came. After witnessing God at worked he declared his support to the
church and the Christian community. Welcoming words after the last administrations oppressive actions for the last four years. Mayor Eugene
then invited everyone including Rabbi Schneider and all the Pastors and Ministers to city hall today (Wed. 2/20/2013) at noon  to pray and
bless his office and City Hall. This was all done on live TV and Radio.

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