Flooding, Quick Report!

Quick Report!

We went in on Thursday, June 6th to attempt to plug the break in the dike with sand bags. However, due to a riot in St. Marc we were delayed 3 hours. Yet God was with it as the river went down while we waited. By the time we got there the river was 1″ below the break! This made our work much easier as we didn’t have to fight water currents and we could get closer to the break. This also allowed us not to have to use as many sand bags! We got 2/3’s of the wall done before we had to stop due to exhaustion, hunger and daylight. The next day, Friday, we came back and topped it off. The total estimated sand bags used was 2300. This was great! We thought we would need 5000 and we had only purchased 3000. The remaining bags we are sending into the interior where Bosseutte is struggling with a similar problem in Lubin 4. Everyone was very thankful! I took a number of opportunities to point the reason for our coming was Jesus. He cares for them! Thank you so much for your rapid response in this moment of crisis. An estimated 100 homes were flooded, one loss of life and 17,000 families had no mode of transportation other than by foot to get their harvest to market. Your giving coupled with our sacrifice brought a message of hope in Christ that comes with action.

Thank you again!


*Check photos on YWAM HAITI’s Facebook here: 2013 All in a Day’s Work.

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