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Your trip will be demanding and challenging, both physically and spiritually. You will be living dormitory style; or you may be camping in primitive conditions as you hike to remote mountain villages with no roads, electricity, or plumbing; or living in churches as you minister among the crowded homes of one of Haiti’s cities.


Your days may be spent delivering Bibles to Haitian families who are hungry for God’s word and/or working on much-needed construction projects. You will also hear experienced, frontline missionaries share practical, godly principles they have learned as they share God’s love with the people of Haiti.

Building Teams:

We recently had a team from PA come and help build a road in the village of Lubins! This was a HUGE blessing to Lubins as now they will be able to come and go with ease. God has put big things on Pastor Bo’s (the leader of Lubins) heart for this village and this road will allow these dreams to come to fruition. Imagine trying to bring in supplies or machinery to a village that doesn’t have a real road. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem!

Lubins road repair video:


Our building teams are a key part of this change.

2004 was known to many Haitians as the year of liberation—the ending of the 200 year Boukman contract. It is time to see God’s plan re-established in Haiti! As a result we need to complete construction of our campus in St. Marc. We want to be ready for the future with a fully equipped training and operating center. Who will train, equip and strengthen the next generation as the land is won for God and the Haitian people find freedom?

Building, Giving, Loving

This year we have had many teams come to work in the 5th section. A lot of trips have been focused on building Homes of Hope and putting together food distributions. Every day the teams wake up ready and excited to experience all that God has for them. God calls us to be His hands and feet, so we go out and love on the people of these villages. There is dancing, singing, healings, people accepting Christ and just an overall atmosphere of hope. People from the mission teams are always coming back to the campus after a full day with light in their eyes and joy in their hearts. To see the amount of faith in the villages of the 5th section is inspiring to all who have gone. When God says ‘Go’ and you walk in obedience to that call you have an opportunity to bless His people and experience a joy that doesn’t fade out. The love of God working in us changes things, it brings transformation!

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Will You Go?

We pray and they come! Are you one of them? Then get involved!

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“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into His field.” Matthew 9:38

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