Homes of Hope; Everywhere!

1st Home of Hope constructed for Perisse

What’s it like building/funding a Homes of Hope? It seems more and more people are finding that out. Right now, homes are needed more desperately than ever, as thousands are starting to make their makeshift tents the long-term housing choice. In Saint Marc, plans have been drawn up for the construction of a community for the refugees in Timonette. Meanwhile, tin homes are already going up in the tent community of Perisse.

Switzerland team builds a Home of Hope

Only days ago, a Switzerland team came down to fellowship and work alongside earthquake victims. Churches had given this team cash to help the Haitians. Using the money and their muscles, the team built a concrete Home of Hope for a family living in an adobe hut. There is nothing more effective, yet so simple, as building a home for a family. It gives them a foundation, a hope, and an understanding of what it means to be loved!

In Port-au-Prince, where the needs are greatest, YWAM staff are clearing rubble and rebuilding one step at a time. As the leader for Port-au-Prince & a fellow Haitian, Peterson sees a need for growth in spiritual foundations, which is why one of his projects is rebuilding a church. Visit here for recent news on what they are doing in the ravaged capitol.

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