Hoop Houses for Haiti

Hoop Houses for HaitiYouth With A Mission is partnering with Esbenshades Greenhouses in Lititz, Pennsylvania to create and ship down hoop houses for the million and more victims of the Haitian earthquake. Right now, refugees are swarming hospitals, churches and other public places in search of a place to stay. Esbenshade’s proven and durable design of a 14×16 foot tent is the anwer to temporary housing.

Over 200 hundred of these tents are in trailers waiting for processing in St. Marc, Haiti and will arrive at the YWAM base in the coming week. If you would like to donate towards buying a hoop house for a Haitian, it costs $300 for the materials, shipping, construction and everything! You can donate here, setting the money for “Haiti Relief Fund” and writing in the following box “for hoop houses in Haiti”

Terry with Hoop HomeMade of metal and plastic sheeting, these greenhouses were designed by a team by Esbenshades Greenhouses for the earthquake survivors.Their website states, “These custom-made homes use proven technologies and components implemented in successful greenhouse construction, including pre-fabrication for quick and easy assembly” Each house is 14×16 feet, which is more than enough room for a typical family of five.

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5 Responses to “Hoop Houses for Haiti”

  1. Marlene Wolfberg says:

    If these are greenhouses, won’t they be too hot? There doesn’t seen to be adequate air flow. I would like to give, but am concerned about this.

  2. Fred says:

    Actually these hoop houses are covered with plastic that is black on the inside to block light and white on the outside to refect the sunlight. Normal greenhouses use clear plastic which allows sunlight to enter and warm the inside.

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