Benefit Banquet Coming Up!

Dear YWAM Haiti Friends, Prayer Warriors and Sponsors,

We welcome you to join us on October 2, 2012 at we hold our 6th Youth With A Mission- Haiti annual fundraising banquet at the Shady Maple Banquet Center, East Earl, PA at 6:00 PM. This year’s Banquet has the theme “Championing the Emerging Generation!” In the past Terry Snow, National Director of YWAM-Haiti, has been the key note speaker, but this year it will be the emerging generation that will be stepping up. Wayne Snow, Terry’s eldest son, will lead the way as he presents the vision God has given him to see this generation experience transformation in the city of Saint Marc, Haiti.

The program aims to be a refreshing look at the victories of the past and present, presented by Terry Snow. Terry was the pioneer of YWAM’s work in Haiti that began in 1986. Since that time God has done amazing things in teaching YWAM how to win this city for God, but the full fruit of transformation has yet to be seen. Wayne will be presenting strategy and vision of what it will take for the new emerging generation to win the day! How will the foundations of the past be used as a thrust for the future?

Contributions from this benefit banquet will be an investment in the vision of the emerging generation. As Wayne shares vision, you will hear how your investment will further the transformation of Saint Marc, Haiti. All proceeds will be going directly to the ministry of YWAM Haiti. Please make all checks payable to YWAM-Haiti.

Thank you,


For Reservations and additional Information contact;
James Stauffer
Phone: 717-733-4141
E-mail: james@amesconstructioninc.com

Banquet Participation Letter


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