Matthew surges, YWAM responds from aftermath

Hurricane Matthew is almost finished passing through Haiti, and now with the winds down, we need to deliver a fast response for the aftermath.

Strong storm surge seems to be the greatest outcry, with at least 6 homes washed away in our city. YWAM Haiti Staff lead by Marc George helped evacuate people close to the ocean that had damaged or flooded homes. Watch the videos below for on-the-scene reports, and keep connected with our facebook page for the most recent news.

Current reports from Pastor Bossuet in the 5th section (where the Help Them Feed Themselves project is happening) has been that people do not have access to food. Most storms pass within a day, but because of Hurricane Matthew people are stuck in their homes with no way of cooking or travelling.

We feel a need to help in our neighborhood of Portal Montrouis by giving people food today and helping them get warm and dry. If you would like to make a contribution for a plate of food it only costs $2.00. We are estimating 5,000 plates needed. Please send us an email at outreach@ywamhaiti.org of the amount you are sending so we can utilize it rapidly!

Thank you!







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