Bon Fruit Television

Haitian TV is very basic. Our local TV stations find finances through local business advertisement and the occasional promotion deal. They fill their show times with pirated movies, Tom & Jerry cartoons and soccer games. But do they realize the power and responsibility they have?

 Bon Fruit is a 30 minute show started by Kristian Snow that is pioneering the way of what fun Christian TV should look like. It releases a new season of content at the star of every year, and trains up local Christians in the filmmaking craft.

The goal is to disciple the city with God’s kingdom values by being an entertaining & engaging example on screen. Preaching not with words, but through lifestyles.

Most people cannot compare Bon Fruit’s style to anything they have seen. It’s clean & encouraging with a strong Christian focus, yet it’s not a ‘religious program’. Parents tell me that apart from cartoons it’s the only show they feel safe letting their kids watch!

The name Bon Fruit translates to “The Good Fruit” and comes from John 15:16-17 where Jesus speaks of bearing lasting fruit in following God’s command to love one another. The show also gets involved with cultural issues; bringing up important questions to things previously ignored. Why do we throw trash in the streets? Why do we see old people as burdens rather than assets of wisdom? Why can’t politicians fulfill their promises? Every season varies as we broadcast news, documentaries, music videos, creative teachings and so much more!

Our television show is discipling thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ at a deeper level than a baseline message. They are seeing God’s kingdom in action by examples they can relate to. They are seeing it through real models in their society that we on the show call ‘good fruit’. People are being equipped and mobilized through the refreshing entertainment they watch at the end of the day.

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