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To Know, and Make Known

This year has already been very full and exciting. We started the year off with an incredible staff conference led by the leadership team on our campus. That same week we had a team from Pennsylvania come down to do a big food and clothing distribution in the 5th section. They also built two and a half homes of hope out in the village of Balalay. We had another team from Pennsylvania come to help build a road in Lubins, and they also painted our main campus a lovely yellow. Last week we went out on the streets of St. Marc to do a staff outreach during Mardi Gras. We had the opportunity to share the love of Christ through dances, dramas and prayer and many people received healing and accepted Christ as their personal savior. We have FCC starting in April and DTS will start in July. 2015 has had a great start and we look forward to all of the things God has for us in the coming months!

It’s good sometimes to stop and recap what our mission is all about: to know God and make Him known.

Making God known without having a passion to know Him is a big factor in missionary burnout. Did you know though it can also destroy the joy of giving & supporting missions? When we forget the ultimate goal in missions, which is to see Jesus move in a person’s life, we wonder where the human needs will ever end. If we haven’t experienced Jesus in our own lives, then how could we feel the joy knowing that He is now in theirs? The truth is, the poor will always be with us. Sin & pain will always be with us. That’s why our mission is to “know God” first.

How we go about making God known is relative. A missionary in China shouldn’t be using the same strategies as a youth pastor in the United States. The religious climate in Haiti has changed for this generation. Haitian taxis cover their cars with “JESUS LOVES YOU” signs and churches are springing up around almost every corner. Everybody knows Jesus, as much as the voodoo gods of their local witch doctor. Yet the principles of love & family are unseen. Outreach teams who come to Haiti often discover that sharing about God to someone for the first time feels awkward, and insufficient. Some people like to add Haiti to an imaginary people group known as the “oversaved”; people who become numb because to the gospel because they’ve hear dit so much but never applied it. They learn the Bible like we learn algebra- as a required skill that is never used. We are dedicated to making God known in Haiti, and that means looking long-term into it’s specific issues & needs.

Our dance camp is about showing kids their royalty, which exists beyond their poverty. English as a Second Language gives people a pivotal skill, showing God’s love is empowering and not domineering. Our DTS & FCC schools continue to train Haitians who then go out and bless their nation, turning the tide and fulfilling the promise verse given to us when we first started,

“Just as you were a curse among the nations… so I will save you and cause you to be a blessing.”

So discover who God is, then go out and make Him known in your area.

Over 250 bags of food distributed!

This month we had a team from Louisiana come and serve with us! They put together over 250 bags of food filled with rice, beans, tomato sauce, oil, etc. and distributed it to two villages in the 5th section; Balalay and Pwaye. The people were so grateful and happy to receive this blessing. There was a lot of dancing and praising God for His amazing provision. People were also healed and there were some who accepted Christ into their lives! It was an incredible week full of God’s grace and joy. We also had 2 other teams with us at the time who were able to come out and help with everything. At the end of every day we all came back so full of faith and excitement at what God is doing in the 5th section. On the last day the people of Balalay sang and danced a goodbye song for us as we headed back to St. Marc. It was a great week!

Christmas Meals Delivered

Hello Everyone,

I trust you had a Merry Christmas and will soon have a Happy New Year. In St. Marc, Haiti 1,260 people received a Christmas meal with a Christmas greeting!

They lined up quickly as I drove on our motorcycle from vender to vender. Each vender was given instruction not to begin serving until I arrived to give a Christmas Greeting.

As I greeted everyone, they pushed and shoved attempting to secure their place in line. These were ones who would probably not receive anything on Christmas if it wasn’t for this donated meal. Christmas for them is a day of rest, but not exchange of gifts.

Children ran up to me, grabbing my hands, with smiles on their face displaying a heart of gratitude. Today was a guaranteed meal for them. Yes, it was a Merry Merry Christmas as they knew there belly would soon be full!

I looked around, taking in the scenery. It still is amazing to me, even after 27 years of ministry in Haiti, how these people survive in such meager housing. Every time it rains their homes are flooded. They are propped up with pieces of wood and by other houses crammed so tightly next to them. One thing is true. It was easy to be thankful as I reflect on God’s Blessings on our family and ministry as I returned home.

As I stood there watching it all unfold I thought to myself; “We offer a partnering hand to see these conditions changed!” I would like to invite you to read about it at; http://www.ywamhaiti.org/ministries/homes-of-hope/

We want to thank everyone who was able to assist in giving a meal to help these people find some Christmas cheer and receive a tangible expression of God’s love!

Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow
National Director
YWAM Haiti

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Youth With A Mission Haiti! I pray that God will bless you through this Holiday Season. As you reflect through this year, may He remind you of His goodness and graciousness that has been demonstrated in your life. Isn’t He good? YES!

This past year Ingvild and I have been taking time to reposition ourselves for the future. During this past year, over and over again, God spoke through people and events that the coming years will be GREATER than the past! As Ingvild and I enter into a new season in our lives, we ponder these words with expectation, especially since we have now had time to reflect and rest.

From imprisonment to wars, floods and earthquakes, not to mention multiple attempts on my life, Ingvild and I took a step back in 2013 to heal and process.  Now with 2014 fast approaching, marking 30 years in ministry, we look forward to great things in Christ!

In 2014 we will be focusing on bringing together a National Vision for Haiti. YWAM is expanding both geographically and through a variety of ways to minister. January 6, 2014 we will be hosting our first National Leaders meeting within YWAM Haiti. Before we really didn’t have that many leaders but now we have four locations and four new ones desiring to be birthed.

But before this there is Christmas!

As Christmas approaches, we find it challenging as so many in Haiti are hungry during this time of year. We desire to help as in the past when we fed as many people as possible on Christmas day through local street venders. 1 good size plate of food (rice, beans, sauce with some meat) costs $2.00 USD. It has become a highlight through the years. This Christmas could you help us bring a practical message of hope through a $2.00 plate of food? How many could you purchase?

With time so short we need to hear from you today!

If you would like to give please simply reply to this email with the amount you would like to give and then mail your contribution, payable to “YWAM Haiti” to;

YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236
Akron, PA 17501

Please include a note designating your gift to; “Christmas 2013”.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Taking the High Places!

Terry W. Snow
National Director
YWAM Haiti

August 2013

New Larger Mechanic Shop/Depot nearing completion!

It is a step by step process but as each week goes by we get closer and closer to our goal of seeing our depot completed. We have been searching for ways to pour the giant pad in the front as well as the rest of the floors in the most economical way possible. Either using cement trucks or doing it by our own small cement mixer, it is going to be a large and expensive portion of the project. God has blessed us with a team coming out of Lancaster Pennsylvania who will be putting on the roof and the doors for the depot in January 2014. Thank the Lord!

Prayer Chapel – Finishing touches…

We’re now only in need of $2,500 to finish the prayer chapel! It looks beautiful, and as it nears completion the painting is done, the ceiling and windows are in, the lighting and electrical is finished, and we’re looking forward to adding the tile floor in the next couple weeks.
In addition, we will build a small depot in the back to house the inverter system and batteries to protect them from the elements. This system will also run the fish hatchery next door as well.

Want to get involved?

We want to see teams come to Haiti with a heart to evangelize and share God’s love and hope through prayer and relationship building, especially during this time of year when hard weather can leave entire villages flooded. We also want to host seminars for local pastors and youth pastors to be more effective in reaching out to their communities. Host a week long seminar and be a part of training up a generation of ministers to be a blessing by imparting accurate truth!
– We are in a phase of development in order to provide a more dynamic blessing to the nation. We need finances to continue the work on the mechanics shop and a storage facility with it. Please contact us if you would like to partner directly with us on this need! 
– We have almost completed the Prayer Chapel, but are still lacking the funds for the depot, and the tile.
– Support a staff member! You can check out our staff page at ywamhaiti.org or email us for more information.

Prayer Points: 

-The trailer we needed to see cleared in our last update came through without any problem, and in record time! Thank you for your prayers!

-We have several new staff members who have not been able to raise much for finances. They need to have regular monthly support to continue on with us, and we’re hoping to see some consistent support for them this next month.-As the equip starts our staff will still be responsible for their regular jobs, and will need much grace as they are stretched academically, spiritually, and physically over the next couple months.

Play ground in Timonette!

This fantastic group from Canada paid for, and came to assemble a play ground set for the children of Timonette!
It will serve over 200 children on a regular basis, and has already been a blessing.
Thank you, Rhonda, and Christian Fellowship Assembly for your generosity!

The Caribbean Equip!

It is a privilege for YWAM Haiti to be hosting this year’s Caribbean Equip! This month long school beginning Sept. 15 and running through Oct. 20, focuses on the idea of multiplying disciples and leaders. Our staff members and other international YWAM staff taking the school will learn what it means to effectively disciple others, run accountability groups, pioneer new ministry, and lead effective prayer and worship meetings. We expect these tools to effectively prepare our staff for the vision of seeing more schools, other training programs, and ministries on our campus in the near future.

Our annual Haiti benefit dinner is coming up on Sept. 13. If you live in or near Lancaster Co, PA, please contact us if you’d like to attend!
We’ll be giving detailed updates about what is happening on our campus, and where we feel the Lord is leading.
Hope to see you there!
You may send your gifts payable to YWAM Haiti and mail to:
YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236

Akron, PA 17501Please include a slip of paper designating the funds.

Don’t forget to stay connected to our website: http://ywamhaiti.org

And feel free to share this update with your friends and family by clicking a link below.

Thank you for your continued prayers and we hope you’re having a great summer! Be blessed!

Wayne Snow,
Acting Director


Rainy Season has Begun

Every rainy season we ready ourselves. This year we were told to expect 17 tropical systems. June is not yet over and already we’ve had major flooding throughout the 5th section (One of the poorest regions in Haiti) and within our city, St. Marc.

June 6th, First Tropical System Passes

Major rainfall in the mountains causes the Petite River, which runs through the 5th section, to breach her dikes. The flooding causes damage in Belleuge and Lubin.
Belleuge is the gateway village as you enter for the lower 5th section. The lower 5th is where 17,000 families reside. Flooding reduced ground transport to a single foot path. A large number of homes were also flooded. The closed road prevented a sick woman from getting medical attention, as a result she died.

YWAM Response
YWAM coordinated a relief effort using our tractor, sandbags, and volunteers to plug the breach. Two days later the breach was mended and the road opened.


June 13th Heavy Rain Continues

This time the rainfall flooded the city, St. Marc (population 250,000). One neighborhood was under 5 feet of water, homes collapsed, and material possessions wash away.

YWAM Response
YWAM volunteers were on sight the same night evaluating. The next morning we arrived with our tractors, dump trucks, and shovels to clear roads and houses of mud. The mayor publicly expressed his appreciation for the assistance!

June 17th Lubin Continues to be Flooded

The Haitian Government issues a warning that their primary dam located in central Haiti must continue to release high volumes of water due to the heavy rains! As a result Lubin has remained under water since the first flood of June 6th.

YWAM Response

YWAM Haiti, partnering with YWAM New Jersey and the Red Cross distributed approximately 600 care packages to 200 families, reaching an estimated 1000 people!

Each care package contained blankets, cooking materials, basic hygienic supplies and a new testament Bible! The YWAM volunteers delivered not only practical assistance but a message of hope “God will not leave you, He will not forget you”.  Three days later the river recedes and relief is felt.

This was the first month of rainy season. Already we are limited in funds to respond to further crisis. Yet, we know we have a big God! We are committed to continue to share a clear message of the gospel through word and deed during this season.

Can YOU help?

By making a financial contribution to YWAM Haiti you are enabling our volunteers to continue to be the 1st boots on the ground during crisis. We deliver not only practical assistance but a clear message of hope in time of need. Would you prayerful consider sending a financial contribution today?

Thank you!

Wayne G. Snow
YWAM St. Marc, Haiti

You may send your tax deductible gift payable to YWAM HAITI designated to “New Beginnings” to;

YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236
Akron, PA 17501

Thank you for being a part of sharing the love of Jesus to Haiti!

On the Web & DTS Outreach

News from the  web:

On February 25, 2013 Breaking Christian News posted this article concerning the Evangelistic Gathering featuring Rabbi Kirt Schneider held in our sports arena:


From March 2-9, an outreach team from New Joy Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania came down to serve the YWAM Haiti staff and the Haitian people. Their week long adventure was posted in this article written by one of the team members:


see pictures of the crusade on YWAM’s facebook here.

The DTS headed out on outreach on April 1st! (No joke!) They are visiting main cities and towns all across Haiti and then spending time serving a fairly new YWAM campus planted in Azua:


The DTS are heading for Jeremie in a few days, and amazing things have happened! On the first night of outreach Patrick Ovilmar wrote: “Tonight in Gonaives city 14 people accept Christ and 4 people were healed. The Holy Spirit did that through the power of the students testimonies. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.”

When they visited Cap Haitien and Port-de-Paix, God gave them visions of things to expect. An example? One student got a picture of a teal house facing the ocean. Turned out, a pastor invited them to stay at their place. It was a teal house facing the ocean! Pray for them as the pour out their lives daily to see revival break out in Haiti. One night they prayed for over 114 people, after performing a dance and missing dinner. That sounds like Jesus’ kind of disciples!

Final Report on Crusade

Hello Everyone,

News of what God did in the Evangelistic Gathering with the main speaker being Rabbi K.A. Schneider has reached globally! Not only was it aired live in Saint Marc, but to seven of the nine Departments of Haiti and through the Internet. We have received reports of people from Florida and other states in the USA calling family members in Saint Marc asking about the impact of the event and how they had seen their family member at the event!

Our goal was to see 5,000 people packed into our arena and 500,000 listening on radio and TV. We know we had 5,000 plus in the arena and we can only estimate but we believe the 500,000 did hear through radio and TV.

Some of the most dramatic testimonies were impaired vision being restored, lumps disappearing, lame healed and people mentally and emotional touched and healed. It is difficult to know exactly how many accepted Christ. You see, the people were so hungry to receive a touch from God that every time we tried to pray a prayer of repentance every hand seemed to be raised!

The Mayor Jean Rony Eugene and other present and former government leaders and employees opened the city to the presence of God and asked Rabbi to pray a blessing the Mayors office as well as all City Hall. Mayor Eugene was also publicly anointed with oil and blessed by Rabbi Schneider.

Two days after the event the city is still buzzing with what has happened! Another team of Pastors have come together and are having an additional Evangelical Gathering in the center of the city. This event is not directly related to our ministry but directly related to God’s working in St. Marc. Join them in prayer that the dealings of God will continue with even greater strength!


Taking the High Places!


Terry W. Snow

National Director

Youth With A Mission


If you would like to make a contribution to help us continue in the building of the Kingdom of God in Haiti you may make a US Check or Money order payable to Youth With A Mission Haiti and designate it for New Beginnings. Mail to;


YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236

Akron, PA 17501

For a complete collection of photos from the crusade, visit YWAM Haiti’s facebook album here.

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To Know, and Make Known

This year has already been very full and exciting. We started the year off with an incredible staff conference led by the leadership team on our campus. That same week we had a team from Pennsylvania come down to do a big food and clothing distribution in the 5th section. They also built two and […]

Over 250 bags of food distributed!

This month we had a team from Louisiana come and serve with us! They put together over 250 bags of food filled with rice, beans, tomato sauce, oil, etc. and distributed it to two villages in the 5th section; Balalay and Pwaye. The people were so grateful and happy to receive this blessing. There was […]