November 2013

Saying goodbye…

We said goodbye to the Martin family at the end of September. It was a bittersweet day as they were able to finally take their two adopted boys home after a long 4 year process. They are currently back home in Pennsylvania enjoying the cool weather and spending much quality time with family who have missed them.
We’re certainly feeling their absence, but are overjoyed they are in the center of God’s will for their lives.
Please continue praying for the transition back into life in the US as they will be adjusting for a bit longer still.

Discipleship Training School

We are expanding our Discipleship Training Schools! We currently have 7 applicants for our  English speaking school starting on January 12!  This is a great start for a brand new DTS school and we expect God to do great things in these individuals. At the same time we will be running our Foundations for Christian Character(FCC) school and our office has handed out over 60 applications!
In June we will be running a Bilingual Discipleship Training School with a focus to see Haiti become a blessing. The students who have completed a FCC school can apply for this DTS. We accept students who have a definite call on their lives for ministry and serving the Lord through missions. We hope to see 10 Haitians do this school and right now we only have enough scholarship money to cover 6 students. Will you partner with us as we pray these finances in? It currently costs $4,000 per student for the lecture and outreach portion of a DTS, a total of 5 months of intense missions training! That’s only $26 a day for food and housing and it covers all travel expenses needed to release them into another country to be a blessing and apply their training!


Prayer Points:

– As we prepare for the January DTS school we will also be making plans for several teams we have coming to Haiti in the “winter”/spring. We are expecting to see the roof on a church in Timonette completed, our depot roof installed, as well as the mechanics portion of the depot completed.

– We currently have seven staff members who are not currently receiving ANY regular monthly support. Our campus and administration departments run on our staff fees and if our staff cannot pay them, they cannot stay on with us. The staff who NEED your support are:
– Macene and Leonise Nonnombre
– Anoise Bernard
– Esther Saint Surine
– Evans Charles
– Shmeed Armand
– Wilna Snow If you would like to support one or more of them, please head over to our website ywamhaiti.org and find them on our staff page. If you would like a newsletter and or more information for them, please email us at info@ywamhaiti.org.

You may send your gifts payable to YWAM Haiti and mail to:
YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236

Akron, PA 17501

Please include a slip of paper designating the funds.

Don’t forget to stay connected to our website: http://ywamhaiti.org

And feel free to share this update with your friends and family by clicking a link below.

On it’s Last Leg

Our accounting computer will soon go out, leaving us without a way to track our monthly expenses. The one we’re currently using was donated in 2010 to help coordinate teams coming to help with earthquake relief. It has served us well, but it won’t hold up much longer.
The one we are hoping to purchase is $475. Along with the antivirus protection, we’re expecting to pay $510.
If this is an expense you, your church, or even your Sunday School class could take on, we would be immensely blessed!
Should you choose to donate, please email us and let us know how much you’re sending so we can inform anyone else who inquires what has been covered.

Fish Hatchery

The Fish hatchery has been completed! We are putting the final coat of paint on it right now. It’s amazing to see how such a system could hold so much fish and provide as much resources to those who use aquaculture as a ministry tool or a means to provide for their family. This system will provide a new and diverse training opportunity for those who want to learn more about productive fish farming methods in a way that takes as little resources from the land and remains self sufficient. We hope that this system will give birth to many more systems like it where families will be able to add protein to their diet where they may have had none before, overall elevating their standard of living. God didn’t create us to be malnourished, but to glorify Him with healthy bodies!

The Caribbean Equip!

The Equip ended on October 17 with twenty five graduating students, sixteen of which were our very own St Marc staff!
This school is designed to train current YWAM staff members living in the Caribbean on how to effectively lead in DTS, small groups, and lovingly hold each other to biblical standards.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Be blessed!


Wayne Snow,
Acting Director

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