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On February 25, 2013 Breaking Christian News posted this article concerning the Evangelistic Gathering featuring Rabbi Kirt Schneider held in our sports arena:


From March 2-9, an outreach team from New Joy Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania came down to serve the YWAM Haiti staff and the Haitian people. Their week long adventure was posted in this article written by one of the team members:


see pictures of the crusade on YWAM’s facebook here.

The DTS headed out on outreach on April 1st! (No joke!) They are visiting main cities and towns all across Haiti and then spending time serving a fairly new YWAM campus planted in Azua:


The DTS are heading for Jeremie in a few days, and amazing things have happened! On the first night of outreach Patrick Ovilmar wrote: “Tonight in Gonaives city 14 people accept Christ and 4 people were healed. The Holy Spirit did that through the power of the students testimonies. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.”

When they visited Cap Haitien and Port-de-Paix, God gave them visions of things to expect. An example? One student got a picture of a teal house facing the ocean. Turned out, a pastor invited them to stay at their place. It was a teal house facing the ocean! Pray for them as the pour out their lives daily to see revival break out in Haiti. One night they prayed for over 114 people, after performing a dance and missing dinner. That sounds like Jesus’ kind of disciples!

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