Overall look on 2011

So what’s happened in 2011? Well, there’s still 4 months left in the year, but we’d like to share what’s been done so far… Homes of Hope has finished moving all 100 families into Timonette! The New Beginnings Village now has 42 duplex homes housing victims from the earthquake last year. They are all happy and excited for their home, and don’t want to go anywhere else. The next step is building infrastructure to start economy in this key place. To start, we have already set up a market and the next step will be a slaughterhouse. There are plans for commercial lots, a school, and a church to follow.

Our Discipleship Training School has been incredibly successful this year, with the most students we’ve ever had. In pre-DTS they learned the basics of living a Christian, spiritual life. As part of the discipleship process and to earn money for the DTS phase, they made 68,000 blocks in 5 months for the Homes of Hope. That’s about 500 a day! They’ve matured and grown tightly together as a family, which is a powerful thing to see. It seems this year’s school is specially focused on intimacy with God. Right now the 21 students, 5 of them foreigners, are in the DTS and nearing the end of their lecture phase. They have new dances and dramas for outreach to Panama. It’s the first time YWAM Haiti has ever done an outreach in Panama and through one miracle after another all of the students have gotten passports and are in the process now of getting visas. The Lord has been doing many amazing things through the lives of all the students and they are certainly not the same people anymore!

Haitians are much into dance and music, which is probably why our staff wanted to start 2 new ministries about that. The first one, Dancers of God, is a group of dancers who used to dance for entertainment and themselves, but now they want to dedicate their moves to the master choreographer. They come on the YWAM campus in the evenings to learn new dances and then perform them to teams and on local TV. The second one, Men of God, is takes the place of music instead. This ministry is a joined effort of a local church band and the lyrics and voices of our staff on base.  They have only released 2 songs as of yet, but more will come. The first is a kreyole take of The More I Seek You and the second one, Jesus is the Boss, is a rap song made entirely of their own. There are no plans to turn their music into a full-time ministry, but staff will continue to create and sing their songs in the off time that they have.

Our local TV ministry has taken a new direction to focus less on what YWAM is doing and more on what God is doing through the Haitian people. It’s now called “Bon Fwi” or “Good Fruit” and is about finding the good fruit that Jesus speaks of in the Haitian community. We invite guest hosts, share messages taken from the Bible, and bring encouraging stories of Haitians unto the TV screen. Bon Fwi has a facebook page that can be found by typing “bon fwi” in the search box.

Liberty Academy will be run by New Vision ministries this year. Students will still go to the same school building, but teachers and course content will be provided by New Vision.

While there’s much more that goes on, this is a summary of stuff going on for YWAM Haiti 2011!

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  1. I am so blessed that I was able to spend time in Haiti this past February, builing a duplex at Timonette. But even more than the physical aspect, it was a blessing to spend time with the people of Haiti and found that they are on fire for the Lord and that lives are being saved every day. God truly blesses YWAM

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