Rainy Season has Begun

Every rainy season we ready ourselves. This year we were told to expect 17 tropical systems. June is not yet over and already we’ve had major flooding throughout the 5th section (One of the poorest regions in Haiti) and within our city, St. Marc.

June 6th, First Tropical System Passes

Major rainfall in the mountains causes the Petite River, which runs through the 5th section, to breach her dikes. The flooding causes damage in Belleuge and Lubin.
Belleuge is the gateway village as you enter for the lower 5th section. The lower 5th is where 17,000 families reside. Flooding reduced ground transport to a single foot path. A large number of homes were also flooded. The closed road prevented a sick woman from getting medical attention, as a result she died.

YWAM Response
YWAM coordinated a relief effort using our tractor, sandbags, and volunteers to plug the breach. Two days later the breach was mended and the road opened.


June 13th Heavy Rain Continues

This time the rainfall flooded the city, St. Marc (population 250,000). One neighborhood was under 5 feet of water, homes collapsed, and material possessions wash away.

YWAM Response
YWAM volunteers were on sight the same night evaluating. The next morning we arrived with our tractors, dump trucks, and shovels to clear roads and houses of mud. The mayor publicly expressed his appreciation for the assistance!

June 17th Lubin Continues to be Flooded

The Haitian Government issues a warning that their primary dam located in central Haiti must continue to release high volumes of water due to the heavy rains! As a result Lubin has remained under water since the first flood of June 6th.

YWAM Response

YWAM Haiti, partnering with YWAM New Jersey and the Red Cross distributed approximately 600 care packages to 200 families, reaching an estimated 1000 people!

Each care package contained blankets, cooking materials, basic hygienic supplies and a new testament Bible! The YWAM volunteers delivered not only practical assistance but a message of hope “God will not leave you, He will not forget you”.  Three days later the river recedes and relief is felt.

This was the first month of rainy season. Already we are limited in funds to respond to further crisis. Yet, we know we have a big God! We are committed to continue to share a clear message of the gospel through word and deed during this season.

Can YOU help?

By making a financial contribution to YWAM Haiti you are enabling our volunteers to continue to be the 1st boots on the ground during crisis. We deliver not only practical assistance but a clear message of hope in time of need. Would you prayerful consider sending a financial contribution today?

Thank you!

Wayne G. Snow
YWAM St. Marc, Haiti

You may send your tax deductible gift payable to YWAM HAITI designated to “New Beginnings” to;

YWAM Haiti
PO Box 236
Akron, PA 17501

Thank you for being a part of sharing the love of Jesus to Haiti!

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