Report August 7, 2012

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With the help of Grace Mennonite Church from Canada we were able to see four families desperately receive needed homes through our Homes of Hope project. These families moved from small mud floor homes to a block homes with cement floors.

 What is a Home of Hope? Can I do the same thing?

Families in Timonette Village

Family recieves a home on August 7, 2012


Family recieves a home on August 7, 2012

Families in Balalie Village

Family recieves a home on August 7, 2012 Family recieves a home on August 7, 2012


The power of Homes of Hope continues to grow. Fransico, the village leader of Balalie, says; “Many, many, many people are becoming Christian now!” Fransico was not speaking of Balalie only but about all of the surrounding villages. Voodoo has lost major influence as the church has been preaching and demonstrating the greatness of God through Homes of Hope and other practical and evangelistic ways.


Balalie with her 52 families was first visited in 2008. There were no openly confessing Christians at that time. In the fall of that same year the complete area was devastated by hurricanes. Balalie lost 60% of their homes and remained under water for over two weeks. Our teams were the first and only ones that assisted them. Today more than 60% of the village is Christian. The witch doctor has given up on his magic and while Grace Mennonite Youth came to build yet another Home of Hope, this same witch doctor ask them to pray that he would see and hear God call him by name!


The believers of Balalie, inspired by their new faith in Christ have made significant decisions. One of these decisions is getting married to their common law partner, bringing healing to broken or unstable families. Among them is Fransico the village leader, newly converted and newly married in an official Christian wedding.

Less than a year ago they erected their own church out of wooden poles and coconut branches, slinging a plastic tarp over the top for over flow crowds as seen in the above photo. Then they secured land for a new church. A  significant step in declaring their faith! On the same day of the dedication of the new land for this church, a pastor and church board was officially implemented as the Christian leaders of Balalie. In response, YWAM gave and erected 14 cement poles for this new church structure.


WOW! Is this really happening?


Taking the High Places for Christ!


Terry W. Snow

National Director

YWAM Haiti

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