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Have you visited our campus in St. Marc, Haiti? Whether it was a season of service, DTS, or a short term mission trip we want to hear from YOU!

This is a place for you to share the things you experienced during your time with us. We would love to hear about the people you met, the funny moments, the things God showed you, and all of the other moments that made your time in Haiti wonderful!

You can write your story in the comment box below.

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  1. Francky says:

    i’d like to say good work ywam in your well doing, good work in the life of the people in Haïti,i just have a cusin in this organization he told me something about ywam i feel it in then i would like to have it in my town to become a menber of ywam. i say thank for your well understan.

  2. Sue (Bailey) Timko says:

    Hello Ywam’ers :-)
    I spent a month in St. Marc with a DTS class that was through Last Days ministries in Jan-Feb. 1992. I believe that Terry Snow was stateside at the time and Cheryl Shipley was also. I remember Brian,John Mark and his wife,Luanne,and Shelly. Our team was lead by Ray and Delores Baker and Tommy Cody.We were there right after the coup d’etat and I believe our passports were confiscated at one point. I recall John Poitevent and I having to go to a place called Teleco in order to call home (before digicel lol) and getting completely lost in St. Marc trying to walk back to the base as dark was approaching. We ended up getting stuck on a small street with people yelling at us and dogs biting our heels! It was rah rah season and we got scared and jogged/ran all the way back! lol!! My time in Haiti was a true blessing. While there I sensed that I would come back to Haiti someday but not necessarily with YWAM.(Though Im hoping my kids will :-) ) In 2010 we brought our first adopted child home from Haiti…12 days after the quake…as we were in the last stretch of our adoption and she was released on humanitarian parole. She was followed by our son from Cite Soleil in 2013, and now we are beginning the process of paperwork to bring home a sweet little girl who was living as a restavec. The Lord used my YWAM trip to entwine His heart for the Haitian people into my own. Haiti is now like a second home to us. Our kids were adopted from Ruuska village in Bon Repos and their biological families are now part of our hearts and lives. Thank you for faithfully serving in Haiti through the years :-)

  3. Taner Gardner says:

    I went to Haiti for my 1998 DTS outreach. We were there for the construction of the Christian school in the buildings behind the main building. I still hold on to the lessons that I learned there. I had never been stretched more than that trip which has impacted the rest of my life. Choosing to go to Haiti was the first time that I had really followed God’s voice. He wanted me to go to Haiti and I prayed to go anywhere but Haiti……as usual God was right. It was the place I needed to go. I still remember the songs we sang in Haitian, they get stuck in my head from time to time. Besides the many miracles I witnessed before and during the trip, there was no better story than trying to leave Haiti. We attempted to leave during the American Airlines strike which is still one of the greatest stories I have to tell. We were dropped off by the Orphanage we had stayed at for a week. I was chosen to help our group leader go and try to secure a way to safely leave the airport once they announced all flights were cancelled. This happened during Mardi Gras, after the Presidents daughter was killed, which is not a good time to be stranded with nowhere to go. I got to see God’s grace as He provided us with a secure ride to the nicest hotel in the area. We were the only ones out of probably about 1000 people that the owner of the airport took in his personal vehicles. I went from one of the roughest months I had been through to enjoying a mini Caribbean vacation provided by American Airlines. The lessons that I learned from Terry and John Marc are lessons that I teach my children. Haiti impacted my life in a great way and has impacted my prayers for almost 2 decades.

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