YWAM Clinic Established in St. Marc

Soon after the earthquake YWAM received information that the hospital in St. Marc had an overflow of victims that it had no room for. The YWAM staff was filled with compassion and responded immediately, bringing patients to their auditorium and caring for them in any way they could. There had been previous vision to have a clinic as part of the base but with the events of the earthquake it’s priority was brought forefront. God knows all things and is always at work! Within just a couple weeks after the earthquake a building about half a mile down the street from the base was offered to YWAM to be used as a clinic. However, it wasn’t pretty. The building was completely abandoned and had been used for years as a public toilet. Volunteers immediately began the grim task of cleaning and restoring. They shoveled piles of waste out of the rooms and cleaned the grounds around the property and now, six weeks later, the clinic is fully functioning with rooms of supplies and beds for the recovering!

Currently there are two short term medical teams at work organizing supplies, diagnosing patients and even performing some surgeries. The tangible love of Jesus has been poured out to the desperate and poor as God’s children offer themselves as the hands and feet of the Body of Christ. While doctors and nurses were hard at work inside the clinic with patients, others were outside gathering a crowd with dance, spoken word, and preaching the gospel. The people have responded with joy and thankfulness to the love they’ve received and are moving forward despite their dire situation. In fact, in many cases the faith and endurance of the Haitian people has challenged those here helping who have the option of returning to better living conditions.

There is, and will continue to be, great need for short-term relief teams to come and invest their time and skills. But the problems here are as much complex as they are desperate, and there is now a cry of help that pleads a response from those that God has called to Haiti for the long-term.

Story and photos by Kalai Photography

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  1. Ruth Cross says:

    I have been in touch with you a couple of times in the past few months already, but I just wanted to respond to this page by saying that I do I feel I have a call to work in Haiti long term, and am searching for God’s guidance as to where and with whom that might be. [ I am a physio, so the work of the clinic is of particular interest to me] yours, Ruth

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