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Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter?” 

Isaiah 58:7

Homes of Hope – International

Homes of Hope, a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) program was created to address the desperate need for shelter among the poor in Mexico. To date, close to 3,000 homes have been built for needy Mexican families through this special home building program. This program has now been adopted by YWAM locations across the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama and Haiti. These homes are built by visiting church and family teams, business groups, and Mission Adventures youth teams. Our heart is to provide housing for families of three or more children, have limited income and is incapable of providing their own home. Teams are responsible for raising the building cost as well as coming to participate in the construction.

The Homes of Hope program is designed to come alongside families who have made the initial step to purchase land but are in need of help to build an adequate structure for their family. Families receive their Homes of Hope home free of charge. After being qualified through an evaluation process, every family will have a home built on a concrete foundation including windows, a lockable door and a room divider. Each family is required to participate in the building process.


Homes of Hope – Haiti

Due to economic and environmental challenges, many of the poorest Haitian families are in constant fear of loosing or even occupying a place to call home. Along with the enormous stress of constant relocation and struggle to maintain a home, comes low self esteem, poverty mentality and an unstable family environment to raise children.

Economically there is high unemployment with  sporadic, short term, jobs at best. This creates an uncertain economic future. Many of the poorest rent small rooms in inhabitable locations, only to find themselves evicted due to economic reasons.

Environmentally there is constant difficulties during rain/hurricane season. Many people have lost or loose their feeble mud shacks due to heavy rains, winds and flooding on a year or bi-yearly basis. Renters may suffer even greater as they are required to pay 1 year in advance, and the owners of such shacks often demonstrate no obligation legally or morally to assist them in relocation if the home is flooded or destroyed.

In Haiti, following the 2008 hurricanes and the 2010 earthquake there were large numbers of families in need of housing. There only options were;

-Living with extended family in a already overcrowded home.

-Renting homes. (Depending on finances may not be an option)

-Live in a tent.

-Purchasing land and construct a new home through a home loan program. Few qualify.

For those families that clearly cannot provide their own homes, i.e. single mothers, economically deprived, or victims of natural disaster, we invite teams to come and participate in the Homes of Hope program to provide housing. However we also lay out requirements for the receiving family.


What are the benefits of building a home for the poor?

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of long term impact the home you are building will have. There are five main benefits to a family receiving a home:

1. Economic Impact

A debt-free home helps leverage families out of poverty. Funds previously needed to treat sick children and keep them warm can now be used to purchase school supplies and other necessities.

2. Educational Impact

A stable environment encourages learning. A child who lives in a home is three times more likely to attend school, plus they continue their education for an average of two more years.

3. Health Impact

Eliminating dirt floors and exposure to the elements improves their overall quality of life and reduces sickness. Having a concrete floor alone reduces incidence of recurring diarrhea by more than 40%.

4. Social & Emotional Impact

The emotional well-being of family members stabilizes as basic issues of survival are eliminated. The marriage and the family’s home life is strengthened, and they can start thinking about the future.

5. Spiritual Impact

Your practical demonstration of God’s love for them inspires a desire to want to give back. A number of Families have made Jesus their personal Savior as the Home Dedica tion was in process!



For efficiency we build homes in Haiti as a duplex. Each duplex provides a two room home for two families. Each home is constructed of cement block, concrete poles and floor, wooden doors, windows and galvanized metal roof.

The cost per duplex for materials and some skilled local labor is $7,500.00 USD.

Want to fund or build one of our homes? Send us your inquiry at info@ywamhaiti.org


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