To Know, and Make Known

This year has already been very full and exciting. We started the year off with an incredible staff conference led by the leadership team on our campus. That same week we had a team from Pennsylvania come down to do a big food and clothing distribution in the 5th section. They also built two and a half homes of hope out in the village of Balalay. We had another team from Pennsylvania come to help build a road in Lubins, and they also painted our main campus a lovely yellow. Last week we went out on the streets of St. Marc to do a staff outreach during Mardi Gras. We had the opportunity to share the love of Christ through dances, dramas and prayer and many people received healing and accepted Christ as their personal savior. We have FCC starting in April and DTS will start in July. 2015 has had a great start and we look forward to all of the things God has for us in the coming months!

It’s good sometimes to stop and recap what our mission is all about: to know God and make Him known.

Making God known without having a passion to know Him is a big factor in missionary burnout. Did you know though it can also destroy the joy of giving & supporting missions? When we forget the ultimate goal in missions, which is to see Jesus move in a person’s life, we wonder where the human needs will ever end. If we haven’t experienced Jesus in our own lives, then how could we feel the joy knowing that He is now in theirs? The truth is, the poor will always be with us. Sin & pain will always be with us. That’s why our mission is to “know God” first.

How we go about making God known is relative. A missionary in China shouldn’t be using the same strategies as a youth pastor in the United States. The religious climate in Haiti has changed for this generation. Haitian taxis cover their cars with “JESUS LOVES YOU” signs and churches are springing up around almost every corner. Everybody knows Jesus, as much as the voodoo gods of their local witch doctor. Yet the principles of love & family are unseen. Outreach teams who come to Haiti often discover that sharing about God to someone for the first time feels awkward, and insufficient. Some people like to add Haiti to an imaginary people group known as the “oversaved”; people who become numb because to the gospel because they’ve hear dit so much but never applied it. They learn the Bible like we learn algebra- as a required skill that is never used. We are dedicated to making God known in Haiti, and that means looking long-term into it’s specific issues & needs.

Our dance camp is about showing kids their royalty, which exists beyond their poverty. English as a Second Language gives people a pivotal skill, showing God’s love is empowering and not domineering. Our DTS & FCC schools continue to train Haitians who then go out and bless their nation, turning the tide and fulfilling the promise verse given to us when we first started,

“Just as you were a curse among the nations… so I will save you and cause you to be a blessing.”

So discover who God is, then go out and make Him known in your area.

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2 Responses to “To Know, and Make Known”

  1. Jann Denlinger says:

    I am praying for your ministry! You touched my heart when I visited with you. I saw first hand how the youth are hungry for God’s word and love. I could see the hope and joy in their faces. Something I did not see elsewhere in Haiti. Your ministry is such a blessing to so many! Every time I see the bright yellow, I think of you!! 🙂

  2. Kristin Shanahan says:

    My daughter, Hannah, LOVES Haiti! She went last year with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We’re interested in a DTS to Haiti or a short term missionary trip. Praying for God’s guidance and provision!
    Thank you so much!

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