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Closure. That’s a word we need to hear more often from relief organizations! Today, we are excited to announce closure to 2 of our tent communities. Thanks to all those who have provided Homes of Hope, we have nearly transferred all the families into permanent homes that they are content with. This is only a scratch on the surface, however, of all the amazing things God is doing in Haiti! Wayne Snow, leader of the DTS, was able to provide the following amazing news:

Wow, it’s been a long seven months, and while we have grown and been so blessed throughout, I can honestly say that I am very glad things are starting to calm down.
Starting in September we will only have one team on our campus at a time. This is a huge difference from 12 – 15 teams at a time [exaggeration].

God is good! As I sat in our staff meeting yesterday and was able to hear what God has done through His people I knew I couldn’t help but share.

In the last seven months, God has…

Opened and maintained three tent cities for displaced earthquake victims. One inside the city, just down the road from our campus, and the other two just outside city limits.

Registered the victims to make sure that the people with the most need are assisted.

Helped to better YWAM Haiti’s relationship with some government officials, earned their respect, and in turn, their favor.

Sent teams and individuals to come along side our long term staff in order to move forward in the vision He prepared in advance for us.

Provided financially for these visions, despite the economic difficulties of this year.

But that was only the beginning…

This weekend, two of the tent cities will be closed, and all the families from those locations will be in permanent housing, built by our staff and teams from around the world.

He provided teams and individuals to teach and disciple on how to live in community.

We are in the process of acquiring the land to build up this area. Add a market, school, church, community center, building the economy and breaking the dependency/victim mentality.

We have received 98 containers (pre-earthquake we processed 2 per year) through our campus (some for other ministries) all with relief supplies given directly to the people.

There are now God breathed, long term plans set for the future.

In addition, He opened and is well maintaining the brand new base in Port Au Prince.

All of these things are what has happened in relation to the earthquake and the relief involved. God has also been moving in the areas of ministry personal to our campus.

Philipson, head of the prison ministry, said yesterday that one of the higher ups in the chain of command has noticed the biggest transformation and change in the prison we regularly visit. He was comparing it to all the prisons in our area.

The local pastor’s network has agreed to partner with us to help the ladies in our brothel ministry who want to get out, and the first lady moved into a pastor’s home just yesterday.

The DTS (Discipleship Training School) is growing and thriving under the discipleship of our very inadequate staff, who by the grace of God, are leading extraordinarily.

The new Liberty Academy school building is nearly finished, and there are almost enough teachers for next school year.

What a huge God we serve! There is so much more to come. His faithfulness is overwhelming and His provision leaves those who don’t understand or acknowledge Him, completely dumbfounded.
As we step into this new phase of our life called parenthood, I cling to this faithfulness and know full well His provision.

None of this could have been accomplished without the help of those who came down to serve, or fund these projects. YWAM Haiti thanks you for all you have done, and what you might be planning to do, in the future!!  Beni Swa L’Eternal!

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3 Responses to “It’s Really Happening”

  1. Tyler Dean says:

    This is awesome to hear. Looking forward to connecting again in November!

    Tyler Dean
    YWAM Pismo Beach

  2. Just finished up a week at Timonette, building one duplex and starting on another one. I was part of the Texas Team of 2/26/11-3/5/11. It was truly an awesome experience! I see God in all of you who are doing His work day in and day out. He is definitely working miracles in Haiti! You and the people of Haiti be blessed by His mercy and grace!

  3. Diana VanOrsdol says:

    Praise God! FInished reading Tony Snow’s book, Taking the High Places. It’s so good to read how the Lord continues to use this work and I pray for victories for these people and for each of you who are giving/living/of Jesus there. Thank you so much! diana Isaiah 40:31

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